2001 Product & Service Focus

Educational Workshops

7 Domains® Workshops

These Workshops take participants on deep explorations of MG Taylor's processes and practices. Each workshop focuses on a subset of the 7 Domains model, and uses that subset to deepen participants' understanding of the Modeling Language, the Transition Manager's Creed, Enterprise of One, and MG Taylor's philosophy of work in general. Past workshops have used areas such as complexity theory, quantum mechanics, the art of drawing, and Eastern philosophies as vehicles for deeper exploration.

CHOICE™ Workshops

CHOICE - Choosing Healthy Options in Changing Environments - employs the MG Taylor methodology toward pesonal life planning. CHOICE provides an opportunity to create your personal vision and discover the resources and strategies to create a life consistent with your values, goals, and unique role. Scenario building, trend tracking, financial planning, learning styles, health and time management are a few of the many life skills you will explore.

Of Course!™ Workshops

Designed for Navigation Centers and MGT ValueWeb communities, Of Course! includes a variety of topical workshops to help individuals and organizations deepen their understanding of a knowledge-based world.

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