Developed for "Open Minds, Open Doors: Leadership in the New World" a conference hosted by Women's Foodservice Forum, March 22 - 23, 1999.

Design: the Difference that makes a Difference.

One of the biggest design flaws is the traditional habit of developing new projects in a linear fashion ... from senior management, to implementors, to vendors, to customers ... from level to level, function to function. Phases of the project are managed as separate parts. Every time the project passes from one part to another, there is high likelihood of degradation. The result is less than the original conception. Much of the energy spent tries to manage people and time, not the creative process of invention, design, and implementation. The "intent" and"insight" phases (where the possibility of group genius ignites) of the creative process are often missed or ignored!

You can't get THERE from HERE; but you can get HERE from THERE.
MG Taylor axiom

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