Developed for "Open Minds, Open Doors: Leadership in the New World" a conference hosted by Women's Foodservice Forum, March 22 - 23, 1999.


David Bohm, quantum physicist, stated that “any theoretical science has four aspects. They are: 1) insight, to perceive the structure of new ideas; 2) imagination, which projects a mental image of the whole idea, not only as a visual image, but a feeling for it; 3) reasoning, to work out the consequences logically; and finally, 4) calculation, to get numbers that make possible precise tests with experiment.”

Bohm laments that most often we spend far too little time exploring the imagination phase together, in dialog and exploration. We rush to rationalize and bring our familiar reason to a new thought. We abort our sense of new possibilities.

The aspects on this site are to spark imagination -- to provide possibilities for the senses to taste, to feel, to ponder as you come to know leadership in the New World. Make haste slowly in bringing reason and calculation to your imagination.

The future is rational only in hindsight.
MG Taylor axiom

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