Developed for "Open Minds, Open Doors: Leadership in the New World" a conference hosted by Women's Foodservice Forum, March 22 - 23, 1999.

Staying requisite with this kind of change and complexity

In order for organizations to thrive and grow int this environment they need capacities thatManagement Centers provide, like these:

- the ability to anticipate and track internal and external changes
- the ability to respond quickly and appropriately to new
conditions, and thus "turn turbulence into opportunity"
- the ability to readily reconfigure internal operations to
meet changing demands
- the ability to align members of an organization to address
new challenges
- the ability to design new processes and develop the conditions
to support high-performance

- the ability to master complexity, and continually be able to discern the critical events and trends in an era of information overload
- the ability for each individual to see the whole as well as the parts, and to apply a systems perspective to their work

The only valid test of an idea, concept or theory is what it enables you to do.
MG Taylor axiom

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