The Seven Domains Workshops take participants on deep explorations of MG Taylor's processes and practices. Each workshop focuses on a subset of the Seven Domains model, and uses that subset to deepen participants' understanding of the Modeling Language, the Transition Manager's Creed, Enterprise of One, and MG Taylor's philosophy of work in general. Past workshops have used areas such as complexity theory, quantum mechanics, the art of drawing, and Eastern philosophies as vehicles for deeper exploration.

Seven Domains Workshop I: Process Facilitation, Environment, and Project Management

This workshop explores MG Taylor's philosophy and practices through the lens of these three domains. How do we facilitate processes and how do processes facilitate us? How does our environment obstruct or facilitate our work and our lives? What are the differences between processes and projects?

Highlights from previous workshops:
The Practice of Transition Management This workshop marked our first application of patch theory to a group of participants. Held in Hilton Head, SC, in February, 1997.

Seven Domains Workshop II: Body of Knowledge, Education and Technical Systems

What do we know? How do we learn? How can we employ Technical Systems to leverage what we know? What, in fact, is knowledge? This workshop delves into the nature of knowledge, knowledge work, and Transition Management.

Highlights from previous workshops:
Body of Knowledge, Education and Technical Systems This workshop brought together diverse communities to explore these complementary domains. The work product documents the participants' discoveries. Held in Hilton Head, SC, in July, 1997.
Seven Domains Workshop III: Venture Management

This workshop develops tools for seeing and operating whole systems as ventures, and for seeing ventures as complex, adaptive systems. Participants explore the nature of ventures as well as ways to influence the behavior of complex systems.

Highlights from previous workshops:
This work product explores the nature of ventures and the learning paths that transition managers may use to attain mastery of venture management. Patch theory was used to create the participants' work products. Held in Cambridge, MA, in August, 1997.
Process Facilitation Workshop
(Participants should have prior experiences in other Seven Domains or CHOICE Workshops)

Participants in this workshop explored ways in which processes facilitate their lives and their work. How do processes evolve over time? How can we transition from finite to infinite games? What is the Pattern Language of Transition Management? Last held in Palo Alto, CA, in December, 1997. (Work Products were paper-based.)

Facilitation Workshop
(Participants should have prior experiences in other Seven Domains or CHOICE Workshops)

"To facilitate" means "to make easy". In times of rapid change, transition managers must facilitate simultaneously on multiple levels. This workshop introduces participants to the MG Taylor model of facilitation--for use in DesignShop events and elsewhere. Last held in Cambridge, MA. 9-13 February, 1998.

Seven Domains Workshop '99: The Domains as a System

The week of June 21, 1999, the Navigation Center® of Borgess Health Alliance (BHA) in Kalamazoo, MI hosted an MG Taylor Corporation Seven Domains Workshop®. Unlike past Seven Domains, this workshop did not focus on one or several of the domains, but rather on the model as a whole system and it's use as a tool in support of the work of Navigation Centers. Three themes interplayed and "nested" within each other: personal creativity; the emergent paradigm and; the Seven Domains. The whole of the event was themed as a "glass bead game," mapping the Domains against the Vantage Points.

Because this Seven Domains Workshop was exclusively for our Navigation Center clients, the contents of the event website are not publically accessable. If you are intersted in accessing the website, or contents thereof, contact Todd Johnston.