MG Taylor Workshops

MG Taylor offers several series of workshops and other opportunities for members of our value web to experience and explore our ways of working and creating. While each event is unique, all of them employ MG Taylor's processes, tools and environments to allow participants to create and experience group genius.

Seven Domains Workshops
Each of these events focuses on a subset of the Seven Domains model, which tells us that for creativity and genius to emerge, these Domains must be managed, not the people involved. These workshops explore ways in which we can apply this model to our work and to our lives.
Weak Signal Research Workshops
How can we recognize tomorrow's dominant trends in society, technology and business? How can we position ourselves to capitalize on those trends before they breach mainstream awareness? The three-day Weak Signal Research Workshop introduces individuals and organizations to techniques and processes to scan the present and past in order to envision the future. For more on Weak Signal Research, see the WSR Emergent Node.
CHOICE(tm) Workshops
"Choosing Healthy Options in Changing Environments"(tm)
We've entered a modern Renaissance period which is bringing more evolution in one generation than we have experienced in the last 17 generations combined. In the four day CHOICE workshop you'll learn to navigate this period of staggering complexity and opportunity through exploring models, patterns, and systems in yourself and the world that inform and influence your perceptions and decisions. Individually and with other participants you'll integrate your learnings, develop tools, and design strategies for living/working in harmony with your deepest values and aspirations as you journey into the 21st Century. Come as an individual, with a partner, or in a team.
Leaping the Abyss, by Gayle Pergamit and Chris Peterson, tells the experience of one DesignShop event. This story explores the practices and processes that MG Taylor employs to facilitate group genius.